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Monitoring solutions for a safe and sustainable future

Gathering information over the life cycle of your construction sites and infrastructures


We provide monitoring solutions for the construction industry, with a focus on the Geotechnical and Hydrogeology branches. Our work includes the design of the monitoring program, sensor installation and interpretation of results.


Your digital information is visualised and securely stored in our cloud platform. The platform is scalable, serving small to very large infrastructure projects. We also develop tailor-made visualisation solutions.


Our team of experts can help you design and follow up on your monitoring projects, as well as find the right solutions to your unique challenges. Our geotechnical engineers have fundamental knowledge of soil and soil-structure behaviour.


GEN core services

GEN specialises in Geotechnical, Rock and Hydrogeology monitoring services, providing valuable information to its stakeholders using the latest technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 fields. Our core strengths are customer satisfaction, trust, highest quality, innovation and passion for technology.

GEN delivers fully integrated hardware and software solutions, transforming your infrastructures so they can express themselves, freeing you to focus on your meaningful data and decision-making process. Above all, we strive to make complex projects simple and help you find the right balance between the design, production and service life of your infrastructures.

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Why monitoring?

We gather data to generate valuable information in order to understand a system and take well-informed actions for safety and sustainability.

What to measure?

Our goal is to assist you in finding the right monitoring solution, balancing what to measure with the amount of data to gather, while being cost-effective. Every monitoring solution is project specific and, in many cases, dynamic in character.

We use multiple types of sensors for measuring different variables to understand correlation and causation. By looking at the big picture, errors are minimised and trends become clearer. We use our expertise to help you transform and give meaning to the physical world, creating knowledge so that value-added decisions can be made.

We focus on Geo-monitoring but also work with other related branches such as Environmental and Structural, and we support academia with research and development (R&D) projects.


Are you ready to monitor your infrastructures?

Here to help!

Contact us for more details about our solutions, a hands-on presentation and how we can help you solve your problems. 

Our Customers

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