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Our Services

GEN provides automatic and manual measurement systems and our solutions are project size independent, i.e., we work with small to very large infrastructure projects.



GEN specialises in monitoring solutions for the construction industry, focusing on the Geotechnical and Hydrogeology branches. Our goal is to deploy high-quality and cost-effective instrumentation to obtain the right information, minimise risks and increase productivity throughout the life cycle of any infrastructure project.

We have developed our own monitoring system and work with world-leading sensor manufacturers to provide fully integrated hardware and software solutions. We use the latest technology to obtain accurate and reliable data that can be transformed into valuable information with the help of our experienced engineers. We ensure that our instruments work before and after installation and perform routine checks for data quality.

Our hardware is fully integrated with our cloud platform, which means you can focus on your valuable information to make informed decisions.

Our cloud platform securely stores your data and transforms it into visual information. You can see all your projects in one place, the location of each sensor, configure alarms based on your measurement criteria, generate reports to share with all relevant stakeholders, export raw data and more. In addition, the platform can be scaled for the most demanding infrastructure projects without compromising performance or safety. We also offer tailor-made dashboards as required by the end user.

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Our consulting services help you design automatic and manual monitoring programs, and interpret results in the context of the engineering problem at hand.


For a successful monitoring program, it is vital to select the right instrumentation, installation method and location, as well as to interpret the gathered data properly. We have experienced geotechnical engineers with fundamental knowledge of soil behaviour and soil-structure interaction. For the most demanding and complex projects, we can review design calculations and perform advanced numerical simulations according to the client's needs.

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