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About us

GEN Monitoring AB is a subsidiary company of Svenska dmixab AB and provides market-leading monitoring solutions for the construction industry. Safety, sustainability and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

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We are GEN

GEN was founded by Jorge Yannie, Nibben Peterzéns, Mikael Birgersson and Joakim Birgersson. They share a unified vision of providing digital solutions for the construction industry to optimise and guarantee safety and sustainability during the production and operation of any infrastructure. As a team, we have vast experience in geotechnical engineering, machine development, production planning, services, among others. Furthermore, as a subsidiary company of Svenska dmixab AB, GEN has a strong economic foundation.


GEN's concept originated from our experience of a lack of real-world observations in the process of designing and follow-up of geotechnical infrastructures. In addition, the increasing complexity and density of urban areas demand more monitoring. To properly guarantee that our designs are safe and sustainable, as well as improve on them, we need solid feedback from the real world.


Our mission is to provide leading and cost-effective monitoring solutions that generate value for all stakeholders in a construction project. We are service-oriented and believe in innovation, the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

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